Traffic Woes From Next Week

We’re heading back out into the world, but not on public transport.

In another weird twist to this whole pandemic thing, it looks like traffic congestion could become worse than it was pre-outbreak.

Results from a survey by the Institute of Transport & Logistics at Sydney University found 84% of responders considered car travel to be their best option as they return to work, fearing that public transport could be a great place for exposure to COVID-19.

42 per cent of respondents thought that buses were the least preferable public transport option, followed by trains at 33 per cent. So maybe now’s the time to finally invest in a Segway?

Interestingly, car sharing platforms have also seen a spike in high usage this past week, with Car Next Door CEO Will Davies saying that bookings are now rising 20 per cent weekly, with the group expecting 12,000-14,000 bookings throughout the rest of May.

“Even before the restrictions were loosened, people were starting to get around more. We might be a pretty good indicator of the activity that’s going on,” Davies said.

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