Spain’s Beaches To Have Sunbathing Squares

Spain’s solution to getting people back to the beach safety looks rather odd, with councils planning to create roped off zones on beaches called ‘sunbathing squares’.

The mock ups could best be likened to an airport check-in line.

A video posted on the local council’s Facebook page shows the beach being divided into different sections.

Within the sections, there will be 780 spaces marked out using rope, which have a 1.5m gap between each one.

Concello de Sanxenxo Facebook

This rigid beach organization comes after restrictions due to the coronavirus begin to ease.

Several regions are even considering an introduction of designated zones for different ages and family groups.

Pathways to the water will also be roped off, with 6m-wide strips.

Concello de Sanxenxo Facebook

One of Spain’s most popular tourist beaches is Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava.

According to The Sun, Mayor Jaume Dulsat said, “Following the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation, the objective of the plan is to make Lloret de Mar the safest possible destination, fully prepared to receive visitors during the tourist season this summer and without leaving room for improvisation.”

Tourists won’t be able to reserve the squares; if it's busy, they will first have to queue for the beach to then get in line for a sunny section.

It might look and sound somewhat un-fun, but it surely beats no beach at all.