Americans Missing Airplane Food Are Ordering It From Home

We’re not sure if it’s delivered by car or airdrop.

Once known as the butt of comedian’s jokes in the 90s, airplane food is now being looked upon with rose-coloured glasses as an emerging comfort food for those who can no longer travel. And to the joy of many, Impact Foods (an online grocery delivery company in the US who specialize in surplus-stock) are selling JetBlue’s Cheese & Snack tray.

In fact, they’ve since sold 40,000 flightless cheese trays to airplane food lovers who desperately miss the thrill of eating brie at 740 kilometres per hour.

And it’s not just JetBlue, United Airlines are offering their preferred mid-flight snack, stroopwafels at a discount from their supplier.

Unfortunately for Australian plane food aficionados, this is just in the States so you’ll have to charter a boat or hitch a ride on a shipping vessel of some sort if you wanted to take them up on their offer. And don’t forget to quarantine yourself for 14 days before you stride around American streets eating your snack tray and stroopwafels on a sanctioned exercise walk. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the laundry.