Gordon Ramsay Flouts Isolation Rules Quicker Than You Can Say ****

The one thing Gordon Ramsay isn’t swearing by is to stay indoors.

Celebrated Chef and potty-mouth Gordon Ramsay doesn’t seem to give a **** about staying indoors during this here pandemic.

He’s been given an official warning from the ****ing local Coastguard for ****ing flouting the ****ing lockdown rules, as he was spotted 25 ****ing miles away from his ****ing £4m mansion in Cornwall, and reportedly seen in dozens of locations since the ****ing lockdown measures began.

The Coastguard, who have better b***** things to do, told The Sun “We’ve seen him multiple times in several places. We had no choice to give him a warning. I said, ‘Look, everybody knows who you are and this is ridiculous. You are not following the rules. You need to keep your head down and stay indoors.’”

I don’t know about you other ****ers but if it were ****ing me, I’d stay in my ****ing mansion and enjoy living life to its most *****ing comfortable.

Apparently he also ran a ****ing red light on his bike, something only a silly **** with a death wish would do.

It’s also all a bit rich because the *** is also the face of a b***** ‘Stayhome’ initiative, where he cooks food in ten minutes and b***** tells us to ****ing stay home.

Ramsay ****ing seems to be cooking up a bit of b***** cheek and not much else. What a t***.