NZ’s PM does O.T. from her own H.Q.

Jacinda Ardern has joined the hordes of the working-from-home.

Australasia’s favourite prime minister Jacinda Ardern, did it again last night, by cracking open Facebook, kicking off a livestream chat and answering questions about this itty-bitty global pandemic we all find ourselves absolutely consumed in.

Despite not having a new album coming out or anything, for 16 minutes she answered questions on her own couch, trying to give answers about what exercise is allowed, queries about rental evictions and whether or not Crowded House are Australian or not (OK, I lost my nerve and didn’t actually ask this one).

So, yes, even the Prime Minister of New Zealand has been forced into the same thing a lot of us are doing: working from home.

And if a Prime Minister can work from home, going forward, what’s to stop the rest of us from doing it?

Obviously, there are jobs that are harder than others to do from home (marathon runner, astronaut, burglar), but for the rest of us, we’re suddenly realising that we can get the same job done as usual, but wearing pajamas and with a commute of 3.6 seconds.

Once we get through this sticky situation, will we enter a bizarre world where our real estate agents are operating from bed, our I.T. professionals are working from the pool, and our Prime Minister is calling the shots from Hawaii? OK, the last one’s a bad example…