Young Aussie Couple Who Recovered From Coronavirus Say They 'Didn't Feel A Thing'

A young Victorian couple who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship before becoming infected with coronavirus say they are both grateful to have recovered from the illness without the horrific symptoms reported by others.

Anber Celik and her partner Daniel Tester had been looking forward to their first-ever cruise experience after Celik won the trip as a prize, but neither expected to be diagnosed with the virus which has now spread to over 90,000 people globally.

The pair were separated during their recovery for a number of weeks, after Tester returned a positive coronavirus detection just before they were supposed to be evacuated to Darwin.

Daniel Tester tested positive to coronavirus just before he and his partner were due to be evacuated to Darwin. Image: The Project

Tester, who had earlier been diagnosed with Influenza A halfway through the pair's trip, spent his recovery at a hospital in Japan and said he "didn't feel a thing" from the coronavirus, adding that he felt worse while he was recovering from the flu.

"I didn’t feel any symptoms all the way through and it was a massive shock to find out just as we thought we were going to embark on a plane to Darwin," he told The Project on Wednesday.

"So I'm thankful I didn’t experience any of those bad symptoms that anyone else did."

His partner, Celik, wasn't diagnosed until she arrived in Darwin and said she only had very minor symptoms including a sore throat on the first day the ship went into quarantine.

Anber Celik recovered at a Melbourne hospital after testing positive to the virus when she arrived in Darwin. Image: The Project.

"But apart from that I didn't experience any other symptoms, no fever, I wouldn't have known I had it if there wasn't a result showing I did," Celik said.

"With all the hysteria and all the concern about it I thought that I would be feeling a lot of symptoms or being really unwell, so I was really thankful I was fine."

Tester said while he was grateful the pair recovered with minor symptoms, he attributed it to their young age and all-round health meaning it felt similar to any other flu.

Asked whether their friends and family were now cautious of being around the pair, Tester said they hadn't noticed a change but admitted maybe people were a bit worried deep down.

"There is a bit of a stigma but once you explain you're free to go and the government wouldn’t have let us out if we were a risk to the community, people are really understanding," Celik said.

Image: The Project

Tester said they also felt lucky knowing there were still people from the cruise in Darwin, so they had spent less time in quarantine.

When asked whether the coronavirus had brought them closer as a couple, Celik laughed that "coronavirus brings people together".

It comes as the number of cases in Australia rose to 42 on Wednesday evening, with confirmation an 82-year-old aged care resident was the 16th case in NSW.

The man is now being treated in hospital and had previously been cared for by a 50-year-old nurse who tested positive to coronavirus on Tuesday.

A number of other residents at the home have now been placed into isolation.



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Meanwhile, a Qantas flight from Sydney to London was cancelled on Wednesday night after a person who was previously onboard the plane also tested positive.

The flight was cancelled so that crews could clean the aircraft.

Queensland also confirmed its 11th case on Wednesday, after a 26-year- old man who returned from Iran on February 26 tested positive.