Sam Smith 'Trips Up Too' And Forgets To Use 'They' Not 'Him'

Sam Smith has admitted that even they "trip up" when using the correct pronouns for themselves.

The British singer is in Sydney ahead of their performance at Mardi Gras on Saturday, but they had time to sit down with superfan Carrie Bickmore on The Project.

In September last year, Smith asked fans to use the pronouns 'they/their' when referring to them after coming out as non-binary.

But Smith has admitted that they understand if people do "trip up" because they have done it themselves.

"I have been called 'he and him' since the day I was born, you know, 27 years of my life, so I can understand," they said.

"I say to my mum all the time -- she will be calling me 'he and him' and she is getting angry at herself and it's okay."

Carrie Bickmore sat down with Sam Smith for The Project. Image: Network 10/ The Project

Even so, Smith said it is a "wonderful feeling" when people get their pronouns correct.

"But it is important, you know," they said.

"I feel safe and I feel happy and I feel completely seen."



Forget He/She: Sam Smith Announces Their Pronouns Are They/Them

In an emotional Twitter thread and Instagram post, singer-songwriter Sam Smith announced Friday local time that their gender pronouns are they/them.

Smith revealed they first heard the term 'non-binary' while in Brisbane on their second tour.

"I had a massive night out at the end of the tour and I was drunk at 3am with my bandmates and friends in my room and I just started hearing about the term non-binary, and I'd never heard it before," they said.

"The pronoun thing for me just felt like a flag in the ground kind of, like this is how I want to be treated by everyone."

Sam Smith is performing at the Official Mardi Gras Party. Image: Network 10/ The Project

Australia has a special place in Smith's heart as the queer scene played an important part of finding themselves.

"I was 21 when I came here, and I really found myself here, basically, in Australia...  I've come for six new years now," they said.

But while they love the country, it's just a little bit too hot and too far from the Smith clan back in the U.K. to call it home.

"I would live here, it's just too far away from my family," they said.

"I really don't actually enjoy the sun. I'm a Scottish skin tone."

Smith will be performing at the Official Mardi Gras Party on Saturday night.

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