Billy 'Never' Idles

Taking someone’s breath away is not always a good thing and Billy Idol is here to tell you to move on.

If you didn’t already idolise him, you have even more reason to start now as the iconic rock star steps up for the environment.

Billy Idol has released a new ad campaign on his website, helping Mayor Bill De Blasio fight idling vehicles on the streets of New York as they release toxic fume.


In the city-wide ad campaign, Idol’s voice permeates with a clear message: don’t stop and loiter! Idol’s catchy slogan, Billy ‘never’ Idles has already made a favourable impression on the public. The long-time lover of New York is an avowed environmentalist. Speaking to press, “When I heard about this campaign, it just made sense,” Idol said. “It’s amusing, but at the same time, it’s serious. If you can — shut off your engine and save my health — I need my lungs to breathe and sing.”

And you would be far from singing if you received this fine; a hefty US$350 is the base value. Idol’s ad campaign will publicize this grim figure as well as the city’s 2018 “Citizens Air Complaint Program,” where individuals who see a bus or delivery truck idling for longer than three minutes can file a complaint and collect a 25 per cent bounty off the fine, worth US$87.50.

But what about if you need to pause? There are some cases where the rules are different. For example, buses can idle while picking up or discharging passengers, and refrigerator and ice cream trucks can idle if the engine needs to be running to keep their refrigeration systems operating.

But overall we’re getting the message loud and clear: move it or lose it so we can all breathe peacefully again.