Surprise! Australia’s Most Romantic Cities

Whether you’re in love with Valentine’s day or cynical of it, your views could be reflected by where you live.

Leading up to Valentine’s day, coupon company Picodi analysed search term data from Australia’s 46 largest cities. Data was collected when people searched terms such as “Valentine’s Day”, “Love Confession”, “Flowers” and “Love” amongst others.

Now the results show some surprising results with Launceston, Darwin and Bundaberg fairing as Australia’s top 3 romantic cities. Sydney and Melbourne come in only half way despite having the largest populations and most choice on how to celebrate.

Image: Picodi

So what’s going on here? One possible reasoning could be the scenery… is it any surprise that people who believe in love happen to be surrounded by stunning bush land, botanical gardens and tropical forests? But how does that explain Melton?!

Perhaps then, it’s more about our attitudes. Melbourners sipping black coffee in the rain, feeling dead inside, probably snicker at the naivety of believing in true love—something their rural friends in say, Geelong, can embrace and celebrate freely outside of the concrete jungle.

So then why are the people in the most ‘unromantic’ cities like Gladstone, Albany and Warrnambool so hung up on love?

Maybe they’re actually just out there experiencing it rather than at a computer alone and typing on the internet. Duh!