The Science Is In On How To Find The Most Beautiful Man In The World

We all thought beauty was subjective but turns out there are scientific rules to what makes a man beautiful!

We all thought beauty was subjective but turns out there are scientific rules to what makes a man beautiful!

If you thought piercing eyes, a sparkling smile or letting you have the TV remote was what made a man beautiful, then think again. According to science it’s ‘The Golden Ratio of Phi’, an equation created in Ancient Greece. That’s right, way back in ancient Greece! So next time you’re disheartened about how shallow the modern world has become, remember that judging looks is as old as the Acropolis.

The Golden Ratio of Phi was actually used by Renaissance artists to make their paintings look really hot. Leonardo Da Vinci used it to create his famous piece, The Vitruvian Man a perfectly proportioned 15th century hunk.

What a hottie.

Scientists have now adopted this principle to work out what makes the modern man beautiful. It’s all about mathematical measurements of your facial proportions, resulting in a series of ratios. Who knew mathematical equations were so sexy?

No, it equals beautiful.

So, knowing this, it technically means we can find the most beautiful man in the world which is what Dr Julian De Silva who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery, in London did. The results are in and the winner is… Robert Pattinson. Dr De Silva told The Daily Mail 'Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection’. That’s right the Twilight star is now a scientifically certified heartthrob, scoring a 92.15 per cent.

Luckily for Pattinson, the ratio doesn’t take into consideration hairstyles.

Dr De Silva also told The Daily Mail ‘The list was compiled using the latest computerised mapping techniques and he also used it to determine the top ten most beautiful men’. Who are they? Well in second place you have Henry Cavill (91.64), followed by Bradley Cooper (91.08), Brad Pitt (90.51), George Clooney (89.91), Hugh Jackman (89.64), David Beckham (88.96), Idris Elba (88.01), Kanye West (87.94) and Ryan Gosling (87.48). That is the sexiest list involving decimal points you are ever going to see.

Ryan Gosling came in at number 10… I demand a recount!

Dr De Silva told The Daily Mail how the results came about for each of the men 'Ryan had the most perfectly shaped nose of all the men but scored lowly for his lips.' C’mon Dr, you’re really marking him down for that?

So there you have it, Robert Pattinson is (scientifically) the most beautiful man in the world, who knew thousands of teenage girls were right?