Scientists Can Now Identify You Based On Your Dance Moves

Computers algorithms can now identify you based on your funky moves.

Dancing deviants and cartwheeling criminals beware. You don't just have to watch out for facial recognition technology; there are computers that can now spot you by your dance moves.

Researchers at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, have managed to train a computer to recognize a human subject, purely by the way they dance. The program can analyse 21 different points on the human body, figure out their movement patterns, and correctly identify the exact person who is busting a move. According to the results, this program is accurate 94 percent of the time.

This is bad news for criminals who like to flex their d-floor move-set. The big take-home message here is that if you're going to going to rob a bank, don't let the excitement get to you and start twerking on your way out.  Also don't rob a bank, crime doesn't pay.

Those sunnies won't help you kid. Your smooth moves have given you away.

But whilst this technology sounds cool, it's still in the early stages. We very much doubt for example, that it could pick out a specific dad out of a lineup of dancing dads. Whilst we all know the old saying that no two snowflakes are alike, the opposite is true when dads are strutting their stuff. All dads dance the exact same way: one hand raised up, a goofy "I'm-not-sure-what-I'm-doing-but-I'm-loving-this" expression on their face, and a cheeky little semi-ironic butt shake as they exclaim "hooly-dooly!!"

He's had a rum and coke and loving this Black Sorrows track

So whilst bad-guys need to make sure not to floss on the job, for the rest of us, this technology doesn't mean much. Chalk it up to another cool but useless thing that computers can do.