Ballgirl Stopped From Peeling Tennis Player’s Banana

During an Australian Open qualifying match, Frenchman Elliot Benchetrit asked a ballgirl to peel his banana. 

Now before you judge, the poor man had some of his fingers bandaged, probably from injuries caused by an earlier banana unpeeling. His fingers would’ve been no match against this tough banana.

Despite being World Number 229, he’s claimed the title of world number one at being a spoiled brat.

Thankfully, the umpire intervened and informed the player it was not part of the ballgirl’s duties. Her title probably means she can only unpeel fruit that’s in the shape of a ball - such as a grapefruit or a lychee.

Alternatively, she could’ve offered to peel it for him, then taken a huge bite and yelled, “I don’t get paid for this gig!”

To be honest, if you’re okay playing a game of tennis, you’re probably in good enough shape to peel a banana. And if you can’t peel it, then that banana is definitely too raw to be eaten.

No word yet if the banana was ever eaten. But if Elliot did eat it, at least it would’ve kept his demanding mouth busy.