It’s Time To See More Height Diversity On Screen

Star of The Good Place, Jameela Jamil, is calling for more diversity in the media.

Jameela Jamil, star of The Good Place, has recently sparked an interesting discussion online after tweeting that she’d like to see more short men with tall women in film and media.

Society does appear to perceive taller men as being more masculine, which would no doubt foster a negative body image among men who don’t meet these pressures. But it could be argued that society’s views are shaped by the media, which means it’s time to see more height diversity on screen.

The term Short Kings was invented to empower shorter men, with its creator Jaboukie Young-White, saying, “Short kings are the enemy of body negativity.” So it seems society is slowly moving in the right direction.

Jameela has stated in the past that it’s what we see in the media that shapes our tastes, which is why it’s so important to see all kinds of love represented.

She Tweeted, “So many barriers created by Hollywood and media. We see mostly just one type of love represented, and it does impact our taste or sometimes what we have told ourselves is acceptable to be attracted to. So many looking for love but with so many stipulations.”

Jameela’s tweet also advocated for more “representation of intertrans love,” “dark skinned women with white/light skinned men,” “Asian men with white women,” “thin men with fat women,” and “able bodied with disabled.”

She then followed it up by saying, “And I also want these differences between them pretty much never mentioned in the plot, never mind taking up the entire plot.”

As for short men, this is great news. Unfortunately, it’s not so great news for the Hemsworths.