What Will Harry And Meghan Do Now For A Crust?

I do need someone to mow my lawns

As you no doubt have heard; Harry and Meghan are stepping away from the royal family. They're going out on their own and more importantly no longer receiving any cash from the Royal money jar. So, what will they do to make ends meet now they are basically skint? Start their own car washing company or maybe build one of those cool 4-D cinemas? The options are endless.

Well according to the Times Meghan will be providing a voice over for Disney in exchange for a donation to a charity that protects Elephants. Does this mean Meghan will step back into acting? It’s possible - they could bring back 'Suits' or she could hold a briefcase on 'Deal or no Deal' again… heck - she could host 'Deal or no Deal' this time round!

Of course, Prince Harry was a helicopter pilot in the British Army for many years, so maybe he could return to that, setting up helicopter tours around Windsor and nearby Slough.

Meanwhile Trevor Noah from the 'Daily Show' posted a tweet looking for new employees who are ‘very good at waving’ and have ‘2+ years’ experience as a member of a Royal Family’, which sounds perfect for Harry and Meghan…. almost too perfect.

So, who knows what they’ll do? According to Nine Honey they have a combined wealth of about $65 million, so really - they don’t have to do anything.