Could The Nanny Be Heading to Broadway?

I assume Mr Sheffield is producing it

We’ve had a ‘Spiderman’ musical, a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ musical and somehow even an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ musical. Well get ready, because now the hit 90s sitcom the ‘Nanny’ is getting the song and dance treatment as well.

Broadway producers Scott and Brian Zeilinger announced that they want to bring the girl from a bridal shop in flushing onto the big stage. Zeilinger productions are previously known for the Broadway productions of ‘Network’ staring Bryan Cranston and ‘Cat on a Hot Twin Roof’ staring Scarlett Johansson. Plus - any ‘Crazy Ex-girlfriend’ fans will be happy to hear that Rachel Bloom will be composing the score.

There is no date set or even mention of a cast. Fran Dresher will be on-board but won’t play the titular role. She mentioned in a statement “Of course I would do it myself… but we’d have to change the title to The Granny.”

So - the hunt is now on for the perfect actress who can sing, dance but also have a high pitched nasally voice.