Is It Bad Form To Have Fireworks While Bushfires Rage?

Nope. Fireworks are sick.

It's the holidays in Australia and that means three things: family arguments, your dad getting sick from eating too many prawns, and fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

It's the same every year. A tradition as old as time. You grab the folding chairs, bundle your family up in the car, travel to a perfect fireworks viewing spot at 5am, and aggressively shoo away strangers from your turf for the next 16 hours while you wait for the fireworks to start. Welcome to a classic Aussie summer.

Disrespect the fireworks and you disrespect that star-spangled banner.

But with bushfires raging around the country, this year a few sad-sacks are asking: "is it worth it?". These wet-blankets think that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to pop a bunch of crackers is somehow a waste of money. And not only do they think the money is wasted, but they also think that it's in bad taste; that while the country burns we are literally spending a fortune to light the sky on fire for fun.

Fireworks have been cancelled this year in several Queensland councils, including Moreton Bay, and the Gold Coast, and Melbourne councillor Jackie Watts has stated that it's time for a re-think into our fireworks displays. Meanwhile, in Sydney where the fireworks are still going ahead, online petitions have gotten hundreds of thousands of signatures calling for the fireworks to be cancelled. But these negative-Nancies have overlooked one important thing: Big boom fun. No boom dumb.

Christmas boom. Big fun.

Sure fireworks cost a lot of money.  Well not just a lot... a hell of a lot. And sure that money could be spent on paying fire-fighters, invested in infrastructure, or put back into the community in a thousand other ways. And yes there are so many other entertainment options these days that fireworks seem frankly kind of boring in comparison. But what these naysayers forget, is that it's fun to blow stuff up, it's fun to make dogs freak out with big loud bangs, and it's fun to feel like a big strong man and pump your fist in the air and go "f**k yeah!!!" while rivers of flame shoot up in the sky and Thunderstruck by AC/DC blasts over a loudspeaker right behind your head giving you permanent hearing loss.

You take away our fireworks, and you take away our right to be sick units rocking out like a bunch of mad dogs, you take away our right to yell at strangers who are sitting too close to our picnic blanket, and you take away our right to blow up millions of dollars in the sky. And if you take away those rights, what do we have left? Not a country I want to live in, that's for sure. That's for damn sure.

Let's protect the traditions of our great nation.