Here’s The Most Popular Trends On Twitter In 2019

Sorry your tweet about hating Mondays didn’t go viral. But here’s what did:

Twitter have just released the stats for the biggest trends of 2019. A lot has gone on in the last 12 months and it was a hot year, both literally and figuratively. We've had climate change related disasters, Trump impeachment proceedings, Brexit woes, a UK election, hit films like Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4, and bombs like the new Hellboy and Terminator: Dark fate.

But with all these big moments in culture, politics, and the environment, there has one thing that has dominated our twitter discourse. This egg:

That's right. The most retweeted tweet of 2019 was this egg. To all the haters out there: yes, this egg deserves it. It's a damn good egg!  But if you feel cheated that an egg made it to number 1, don't worry. The second most retweeted tweet definitely earned the number two spot. It's a man dancing in a room.

Twitter users all around the world were in awe of how this K-Pop star danced kinda good, but not that good, in a room. Truly it's magic stuff. But that's nothing compared to this tweet where someone had lots of money and they showed us that money:

That sure is a large-ish amount of money. Good work twitter.

In trending topics, the top three most talked about TV shows were Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Simpsons so no surprises there. Grey's Anatomy came in at number 5, which is surprising not only that it was so popular, but that it's still on the air!

The biggest movies were also the most talked about, including Avengers Endgame, Toy Story 4, and Joker. But no love at all for what many critics called the worst movie of 2019: The Fanatic, starring John Travolta and written by Limp Biscuit front-man: Fred Durst

You can tell it's awful just by this one photo.

Trump made the top of the most talked about politicians, followed by Barack Obama and Nerendra Modi. Poor Scott Morrison didn't even get a look-in. And the top emoji of 2019 was the laughy-crying face. Which pretty much sums up how we must all feel at the end of this garbage-fire of a year.

Don't worry, 2020 will be worse.

So that's the year summed up according to twitter. Does it speak to what is resonating with the people or  does it simply reflect what's going on in our little bubble and thus demonstrate how out of touch with the real world most twitter users are?

Who cares. Let's try and find a new egg to crown the King of 2020.