Statements From Swimming Australia And ASADA

Statements in response to our story on Shayna Jack

Swimming Australia Chief Executive Leigh Russell:

“We continue to provide support to Shayna and she remains in regular contact with our athletes and wellbeing manager but until the process is complete we are unable to comment any further.”


The following response can be attributed to an ASADA spokesperson, if required.

We generally do not comment publicly on individual matters under investigation.

The pace of investigations can be influenced by a range of factors:

  •       The level of assistance that ASADA receives from individuals.
  •       Extension of time request in relation to ASADA processes.
  •       Requirement to open up new lines of inquiry as a result of information from sources.

We have a duty of care to be both thorough and accurate in every step of the process. It is important that investigations run their course, in part to ensure that all the available information is gathered, but also to ensure that the rights of the athletes and support personnel are protected.