Is This The Saddest Christmas Tree Ever?

It’s definitely on the somber side

It’s Christmas time, and you know what that means, cities around the world are going to chop down a huge tree and put to somewhere in the middle of town for everybody to look at.

Trafalgar Square in London has popped up their Yuletide wood display and people around town aren’t too keen on it, the general consensus is that it looks a bit sad…

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The 90-year-old Norwegian Spruce is a gift from the mayor of Oslo, cut down during a ceremony back in November. But something must have happened to it in the past few weeks because now this silly season sapling is making even Norwegians embarrassed.

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But not everyone is hating on the festive forest, a lot of people on twitter are sending the official Trafalgar Square Tree heaps of love.

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The tree itself seems pretty confident and tweeted that it is looking forward to having its lights turned on.

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