Bigger Is Better! The Bakers Delight Bread Hack You Need To Know About

Why have soldiers when you could have a full army? Our fearless leader Duncan (a man on the internet) has shared his Bakers Delight bread slicing tip.

“Did you know you can do this? Just ask them to cut it long ways? What a country!” he posted on Twitter.

No, we did not Duncan, it is clear to us now that we are but mere peasants. Duncan’s exposé set the internet off - some even titling him a hero.

“All I can say is... not all heroes wear capes,” wrote Renee, a dedicated follower of our new bread king.

Our jester Jon also added his two cents, “Best thing since… sliced bread. On my way to the baker now.”

Richard Beymer Bread GIF by Twin Peaks on Showtime

Duncan goes on to share all the superior foods you can make with your bigger better bread, a favourite being the mega long sandwich.

“Behold! The limousine sandwich,” Duncan shared.

It’s a little burnt but we forgive you, Duncan. The knowledge you have brought to the world allows you these kinds of small mistakes.

“People! The long slice is a superior cut when making fairy bread,” he shared, along with a photo of a magically long piece of fairy bread.

“In a world of boring bread, I’m just trying to rise above,” he added.

Some on the internet have since tried the order hack at their local Bakers Delight store. Some of the stores were yet to hear of this trick themselves.

“I threw our local store into a bit of a spin, but they ended up doing it. Great for making bulk high tea crustless sandwiches,” another fan tweeted.

We think this is brilliant and it might time to go make the tank of all toasties!