Pet Praying Mantis Lives It Up In Luxury

A very hands-on insect owner treats her praying mantis baby to a fancy lifestyle and the internet is here for it

I don’t know what Mavis was praying for but I think she got it. Samantha Steatoda from Wisconsin in the US is proud Mum of Mavis and has turned the insect into an unlikely star by sharing his lavish lifestyle online.

Mavis is seen in videos on mavisthemantis sitting at the head of a mahogany table enjoying an entrée, main and dessert of critter. His meal is served on a silver plate atop a fine dining setting. After dinner, Mavis retires to the lounge to play a game that can only be described as ‘hit the fish’, regularly seen being played by the less fabulous species, cat.

There are also photographs of Mavis in her mini ship, sunbaking on a lounger and taking a relaxing bath...about 5 centimeters above the water.

Instagram: mavisthemantis
Instagram: mavisthemantis

Steatoda decided to get Mavis to help her overcome a previous fear of bugs and spiders.

'I conquered my arachnophobia and next was to have a pet mantis. I'm glad I took that step.

'I was nervous about getting a pet praying mantis at first given I've had fears of bugs and spiders before,' she said.

'I've had Mavis since February of this year, so not long, but I've learned to love and adore her within a matter of seconds of meeting her.

'Mavis is very friendly, she loves to make eye contact and sway side to side. You can see her curiosity flourish when you look at her, it's an instant connection that's very adorable.'

Samantha said she got the idea to buy tiny furniture and pose her up that way after coming across a purple doll chair at a thrift store.

'I thought of her sitting on it and thought it was adorable, so I continued with other small furniture I picked up from thrift stores.’

Instagram: mavisthemantis

The internet is very glad she had this idea and hopes she continues this elaborate activity for Mavis’ very comfortable long life.

Steatoda said that people love seeing candid shots of Mavis and that she's managed to help others get over their bug fears too.