Statement From Gordon Legal Spokesperson

Statement from Gordon Legal Spokesperson in response to the Robodebt Class Action

We congratulate Ms Amato and her lawyers at Victoria Legal Aid on winning this important milestone in the fight against the Robodebt Scheme.

The Court’s orders vindicate the decision taken by our clients to commence the Class Action which provides a mechanism to ensure that all group members are able to have their concerns about Robodebt Scheme and its impact on them dealt with.

We call on the Commonwealth Government to act quickly to agree to a resolution of the Robodebt Class Action or to agree to an expedited trial of the key legal issues, so that the Federal Court can consider the questions raised by the Class Action urgently.

The Class Action must continue to ensure that all people who have been the victims of the Robodebt Scheme should now have their money returned to them, be paid interested and compensation for the distress and anxiety that this unlawful program has caused to many thousands of people.

People who have been affected by the Robodebt Scheme can register their interest in the class action at