Apparently This Is What The Royal Babies Will Look Like In 20 Years’ Time

Computer? Make my royal baby old.

Time travel doesn’t exist but beauty discovery websites do, and thanks to their designers we can now cross time and do something physicists should have figured out years ago – see what the royal babies will look like grown up.

Dare to imagine it’s 20 years into the future. Someone is the Australian Prime Minister. We get to work via some kind of transport. Almost all of it is a mystery.

However, thanks to British beauty discovery website, Cosmetify we know EXACTLY how the baby royals MIGHT look. It’s huge.

We’re not exactly sure what a beauty discovery website is but judging by today’s offering it must both be a place for beauty and discoveries. God knows we’re all waiting for their earth-saving renewables discovery.

Now, gather your family and loved ones, as this is an event which can be likened to the moon landing. Post-viewing these grown-up royals, we will never be the same again. Let’s do this in order of in-line to the throne.

Prince George, kid version:

Everything seems pretty normal here. Credit: Steve Parsons, AP

Prince George, 20 years older version:

Hear ye hear ye! The king wears a turtle-neck!

Like someone straight out of a Gossip Girl x Sims mash up, he’s here to rule over the Commonwealth and get wedged into the couch you just placed. You better believe this King has cutting quips like ‘Meh mehhh mheh meh mhehhh mehh mehh’.

Princess Charlotte, kid version:

A waving child. Credit: Aaron Chown, PA

Princess Charlotte, 20 years older version:

Second in-line to the throne, first in-line to secure that big client.

She may have grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth but that won’t stop her from dropping the c-bomb when her clients at the design firm act like royal pains. Unlike her ancestors, this princess is the one who will be the doing the head chopping (at the end of the financial year).

Prince Louis, kid version:


Prince Louis, 20 years older version:

What the cravat?

If cravats are back in 2039, is the future worth staying alive for? This guy has lived in the shadows of his two older siblings for years. He’s trying to strike out on his own and has landed on the cravat. ‘It’ll be a fun conversation starter at parties!’ Louis declares in the empty halls of Buckingham Palace. ‘I can’t wait to have friends!’

Master Archie, baby version:

That’s a baby alright. Credit: Reuters via POOL/Cover Images

Master Archie, 20 years older version:

The denim indicates he’s not stuffy like his cousins.

He’s moody, he’s brooding, he owns all of The Artic Monkeys on vinyl. This guy is having a night out sinking piss down at the local with mates, and he’ll see you at the Kendrick concert because ‘old music is the shit’.

Princess Savannah, kid version:

Kids love waving at stuff from windows; Princess Savannah is no exception. Credit: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA, EPA

Princess Savannah, 20 years later version:

Why wear a crown when you can pull your hair back so tight it starts to fall out?

She’s 16th in line to the throne and judging by this picture she’s come straight from the stables or a shift at a Flight Centre. This rendering couldn’t be more generic; she could be selling toothpaste or offering a great deal on a colonic. Looks like even your designers can’t crack this one, beauty discovery website.

So there we have it. Only time will tell if the designers at the beauty discovery website are soothsayers. And for the love of god may they not be able to predict the future of fashion.