Is Justin Timberlake Stepping Out On Jessica Biel?

Some saucy pics have been snapped that might suggest JT is a cheater. Or do they?

Justin Timberlake has been photographed with Alisha Wainwright holding hands and smiling together. Cute! IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FACT THAT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS A MARRIED MAN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Image Credit: Mega Agency

JT is married to actress Jessica Biel and has been for some time now, so at first glance, it might seem like this is the act of a dirty dog stepping out of line. And maybe it is. But with the media piling on this one, tiny little moment, maybe it’s also time to step back and give Alisha and JT both the benefit of the doubt. There may be a perfectly rational explanation.

1: They are drunk as hell. It’s clear at the very least that JT is drunk in this scene, and with nothing explicitly sexual happening, it could just be a case of bad judgment. I mean who hasn’t gotten drunk and done something a little weird like get your shirt off, hold hands with a mate, or eat a raw potato whole? This could be nothing more than a drunken lark.

2: Some people hold hands for fun. People are all different. Some people hold hands with their friends. Some people are totally cool with giving their mum a foot rub. And some people let their dogs lick their faces including getting right in and around the mouth. Who are you to judge?

Image Credit: Mega Agency

3: Justin Timberlake could be poly. You don’t know what his relationship with Jessica Biel is like. Maybe they are up for whatever? Maybe they let each other muckaround a bit on the side. Maybe they have multiple partners that they call their “bonus lovers”? Maybe not, but the point is you don’t know their sitch.

4: Alisha and JT are method actors. They are playing lovers in a film which they are shooting right now, so maybe they’ve gone full Daniel Day-Lewis and are simply committing to their roles? When DDL was in “My Left Foot” he spent the whole shoot in a wheelchair, when he was in “The Last Of The Mohicans” he built an actual canoe, and in “Lincoln” he built a working time machine and traveled back to 1863. Well maybe not but the point is, the hand-holding could have been totally just a method acting thing.

So there’s four very reasonable explanations for why JT isn’t a scoundrel. Maybe before you cast any stones at Justin and Alisha, just remember that they could just be drunk, poly method actors who are holding hands as a fun muckaround. Mind your business and leave them alone.