Poo Paint: The Most Disgusting Way To Toilet Train Your Kids

Toilet training just got a little more messy…

Have you ever thought about using human excrement to create a beautiful picture? No? Congratulations, you aren’t a psycho. But the same can’t be said for the inventors of Poo Paint: the world’s first toilet paper/paint by numbers. And yes, it’s as yucky as it sounds.

Poo Paint comes from Japan, the home of technological innovation, and weird toilet stuff. It’s a toilet roll designed for young children in order to help them learn to wipe properly. The roll has a series of images, where you fill in the blanks with your own feces. For example there is a picture of a dragonfly without a body, and kids are encouraged to “paint” his body, with their poo. Disgusting.

Thanks. I hate it.

It sounds nice in theory... wait, no it doesn't. But you can see the logic behind it. However this can only lead to chaos. At what point to the kids realize it’s easier to get their hands involved in order to perfect their paintings? What about when their school teacher tells them it’s time for a bit of finger painting, and the only painting these kids know is with poo? The creators of this monstrosity have no idea what hell they have unleashed.

Imagine this scene but it's poo. Is that the world we want for our kids?

In any case it isn’t available in Australia (yet) so Poo-casos will have to do their poo-paintings freehand for now. But for the rest of us who don’t want anything to do with this travesty, let’s hope this poo painting nightmare never hits our shores. Stay Safe out there.