Self-Serve Checkouts Will Now Have Conveyor Belts!

I’d like a name tag as well please.

Self-serve checkouts, people love them or hate them. While for some the convenience and lack of small talk with a checkout person is a positive, for others it’s just an impersonal and annoying experience – a sign that we are slowly approaching a dystopic future with no basic human interactions.

Well, if you are one of those people who like to serve yourself, good news! You get to use the conveyor belt as well!

Gone are the days of just a basket of items and a quick little self-serve experience, now you can take a whole dang trolley and self-serve all your items to your heart’s content.

This extraordinary checkout of the future is at the new Woolies at Millers Junction in Altona North, Melbourne. So, if you don’t live near there, unfortunately, you will not be able to experience the unbridled convenience – though you could travel to Altona and make a day of it.

While you’re there you can also enjoy their safety robot called Millie, which is a large gliding pole type thing which lets the staff know if there are any spills that need to be cleaned up. One of these robots was released in Gregory Hills Sydney back in May and it creeped the heck out of everyone.

So, what’s next? A robot that will squeeze fruit for you or maybe they’ll have self-stacking shelves? The future is both exciting and scary.