Photo From 1898 Convinces People Greta Thunberg Is A Time Traveller

Has the teen climate change activist been sent through time to save us from eradicating ourselves?

A conspiracy theory is going viral after a 120-year-old photo has emerged of a girl with a striking resemblance to Greta Thunberg.

The photo shows three young children working at a gold mine in Canada, one of which is a girl sporting Greta’s signature hair braid and well, exact face. The picture was recently discovered in archives at the University of Washington. Historians believe the photo was taken around 1898.

A photo of children mining in 1898 has convinced people Greta Thunberg is a time traveller.
University of Washington

Could this be an explanation to why this extraordinary 16-year-old seems to be far beyond her years? You could say it is merely a coincidence, but conspiracy theorists disagree and are lapping this one up – saying she is a time traveler.

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Greta Thunberg | Instagram

"Maybe she is from the future who was sent back in time to key moments in history to stop climate change," suggested Twitter user Kelly Edwards.

Come to think of it has Greta ever specifically mentioned the negatives of Gold mining? Perhaps she is avoiding the chance of someone pointing out the hypocrisy of her employment 120 years prior, imagine the length of her CV!

time travel dreaming GIF by MANGOTEETH

Greta captured the world’s attention when she spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit this year where she arrived via sailboat, having boycott planes because of their environmental impact.

Greta boldly reprimanded US policymakers for not having stricter emissions standards.

There is no doubt that Thunberg is impressive and although the resemblance is uncanny, most of us are yet to be convinced the she can legitimately time travel. Then again if she is moving by teleportation that must be far less carbon foot print…