Sex Or Your Phone, What Would You Choose?

Sadly, my partner already made the decision for me.

Mobile phones have become so common in our day to day lives, most of us wouldn’t dare leave the house without them. We’ve all felt the rush of fear and panicked thoughts when you walk out the door and have forgotten your old dog and bone. ‘What if someone needs to contact me? What if I get bored? What if I need to check facebook 10 times in one minute?’. Our phones are basically part of our bodies now, like another appendage.

So, what would you be willing to give up just to keep using your mobile phone?

Well according to a survey by Boost Mobile people are willing to give up quite a bit for use of their little smart device. 50-percent of Australian’s said they would give up coffee, 30-percent chocolate and 14-percent were quite happy to never have sex just as long as they could still stare at their little black box. Over a third of people said that if their phone didn’t work for a day it would ruin their day.

Boost reckons this demonstrates “…the increasing importance mobile phones play in our lives” But of course they’d say that… they’re a mobile phone company. Not that they’re wrong, but you could also argue it’s a sign of widespread tech addiction.