New Video Game Simulates What It’s Like to Fly Economy For Four Hours

The only thing it can’t simulate is the Imodium they put in your food.

Most people would agree that Air travel sucks. Unless you have the money to upgrade to first class and enjoy airbeds and food designed by celebrity chefs – you’re stuck in economy, where it is hours of cramped seats and soggy baked quiche in a weird warm cardboard box.

Well, now you can experience the hell of economy air travel in the comfort of your own home. AMC, the TV network responsible for The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad have released its first video game – Airplane Mode, and it’s as boring as it sounds.

Plane 1

From taking off to landing, meal service (including fish option) and your own book in your carry on, Airplane mode has it all. You can even watch inflight movies from the 1930s, which I guess are the only films they could get the rights to because their too cheap to include some of … I dunno… their own AMC TV shows?!? Plus, there’s the ambient sound of a crying baby, because of course there is.

Plane 2

Who knows who this game is for and why anyone would want to play it? The person who downloads this thing is destined to play if one time for 30 minutes and then show it to friends who will fake laugh and say, ‘this is weird’.

Airplane Mode will be available on steam in 2020.