Our Picks From The Infamous Goop Holiday Gift Guide

Money a little tight this Christmas? Or not in the 1%? Well, you might want to stick to window shopping at Goop.

Gwyneth Paltrow has just released her 2019 holiday gift guide and it is as extravagant as ever. We have plodded through the many categories including Wellness Junkie and the honestly titled Ridiculous but Awesome to pick our favourite gift suggestions.

Keep in mind we are not actually buying anything so we haven't been limited by a budget and if money were a factor, we would be on a very different website…like Gumtree.

Natural World Safaris Kenya Photographic Safari with Ami Vitale

From the Men’s Gift Guide category is the Kenya photographic safari with photographer Steve Winter. What’s more manly than searching the bush for prides of lions with a professional photographer who can prove you actually did it? Thanks GP, we’ll take it! Oh, and it's only $7640.00

Holy Grail Steak Co. Kobe Wagyu A5 Strip Steak

From the Cook’s Gift Guide category is a steak. Ok, it’s not any steak it’s an overpriced steak. The Kobe wagyu a5 ribcap steak is $229.00. Imagine unwrapping a gift from under the tree only to find an uncooked slab of meat. It’s weird and we love it.

CHANEL Purse with Chain

From The Kid’s Gift Guide category is something no child should go without. It’s a fun colour filled Chanel purse with chain and at the also fun price of $1575.00, who wouldn’t get this for their little tucker! Plus, when your angel goes, “Mummy I have $50 in my purse!”. You can say, “haha the purse is worth more than it’s contents hahaha we’re rich haha!” Thanks for the memories GP!

Safe-T Luxe Brass Fire Extinguisher

From the Ridiculous but Awesome category is the Brass Fire Extinguisher which you can gift to your safety-conscious friend for $250.00. Look stylish while staying alive!

Precht Modular Prefab Home

Also, from the Ridiculous but Awesome category is our final pick. Why put a gift under a tree in the house when you can gift someone a house made of trees! Introducing a gift for the very very special someone - the Bert. The Bert is a $110,000.00 treehouse of our dreams. But thankfully Goop makes dreams a weird unaffordable reality. Race you to the top of the tree GP!