Can A Vegan Diet Help The Broncos Win A Premiership?

The Broncos skipper is trying to push the team into going full vegan next season.

If there’s one universal truth in this world, it’s that huge units love chowing down on big boy slabs of big red meat, and only the biggest of big boys who eat their own bodyweight in heavy brown steaks can be footy superstars.

We Australians know that if you like sports then you better start eating that beef. But what if we’ve been wrong this whole time? The Captain of the Brisbane Broncos thinks we might have been, and he is trying to encourage the team to go vegan.

Broncos captain Darius Boyd saw the pro-vegan Netflix doco The Game Changers and decided that vegan was the way to go.

Since then he’s been trying to persuade his team to follow suit, hoping that a vegan diet can give them the edge to take out a premiership.

But this sounds contrary to logic! As we’ve understood it, the process of building muscle is clear: you eat a kilo of sausages, then the sausages form together in your belly and migrate to your arms where they fuse to your existing muscles to make you some kind of superhuman sausage-muscle monster.

That’s how the science works right?

Well according to this doco, the answer is a resounding no.

The Game Changers follows former UFC fighter and dedicated vegan James Wilks as he explores the benefits of a vegan diet when it comes to fitness.

In the doco the vegan lifestyle even gets a plug from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and if a plant-based diet is good enough for big Arnie, then maybe it’s good enough for the big Broncos.

After all, it’s worked for the likes of Aussie test cricketer Peter Siddle, runner Morgan Mitchell, and even Olympic superstar Carl Lewis.

And they are all apparently quite good at sports.

So will it pay off? Can a team that’s fuelled exclusively by veggies win a premiership in a full-contact sport full of red-blooded meat-eating musclemen?

Rabbits are nature's vegans and they are weak and small. But then again gorillas are nature's other, bigger vegans, and if they weren’t on the veggie diet they could eat a whole footy team for breakfast.

So who can say for sure how it will pan out. Only time will tell.