A Study Says Men Are Funnier Than Women, But Comedians Disagree


In a recent study conducted by Aberystwyth University and the University of North Carolina, it has been argued that men are in fact funnier than women. According to this really super scientific and important study, it was found that men were rated to be funnier than women 63 percent of the time. But I would like to say something in rebuttal of these findings: Shutup. Your study sucks losers.

First of all, why does this study exist? Just for a second let’s assume that we can take these results at face value. Why is this something you need to examine? Why do we have to separate men from women and try and determine who is funnier? Why does everything have to be a battle of the sexes? All this does is continue the narrative that “female” is somehow a genre of comedy and maintain the divide that women in comedy are separate and different from their male counterparts. This study doesn’t provoke intelligent debate, it just chucks another wedge between us and gives online trolls fuel to bang on about how they were right all along.

And that’s assuming this study is good and the results are valid. But what was this study exactly? It was a caption contest for cartoons. That’s it. Men and women had to write funny captions on cartoons and then some blind judges rated which they thought were funniest. That’s a single, very specific type of humour: one that sucks. Funny captions are lame, and this study is lame. There was no stand-up comedy round, no slapstick round, THERE WASN’T EVEN A FART NOISE COMPETITION! How can you possibly call your study valid if at no point did any of the participants make fart noises by blowing air from their wet mouths into their hands? You can’t.

Unsurprisingly the backlash from the comedy community has been swift, with comedians all over the world taking to twitter to voice their displeasure. And good. We don’t need another “are men funnier than women?” debate. We don’t need a bunch of nerds to sit down and go “um actually 52.1 percent of the time male humour coefficient is considered to be 2.1 times more laugh-worthy than their female counterparts.” This doesn’t help anyone. Lots of men are funny, lots women are funny, humour is entirely subjective, and we need to stop with this silly debate.