Peruvian Restaurant Fined For Giving Women A 'Ladies Menu'

A high-end restaurant has paid the price for offering men and women a different menu. The main difference being that the women’s menu didn’t list the food’s prices.

La Rosa Nautica has been accused of sexism and ordered to pay a fine of $A90,000.

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The popular tourist destination in South America is built on a pier overlooking the ocean in Lima, it is a stunning location but has a less than stunning workplace practice. The restaurant has been giving women who are dining with men a different menu.

The menu women receive is gold and without prices for the fish ceviche or other expensive items. The men on the other hand were given blue menus that provided pricing details for all dishes. Can't believe they didn't go with pink for the girls!

According to Fox News the restaurant has defended the practice as allowing women “to enjoy a romantic evening with their partner without taking into account the cost of the services”.

This was one solution, an alternative plan could be to have women just throw their wallets in the bin on entry to the restaurant.

Authorities did not agree, ruling that the restaurant has been discriminating against women and issuing the hefty fine. The restaurant has also been ordered to immediately start offering everyone the same menu as well as train staff and put up signs stating that discrimination will not be tolerated in the establishment.

According to Fox News, Liliana Cerrón, an official with the agency that issued the fine stated, “These small things may seem harmless…but at the end of the day they are the basis of a chauvinistic construct reinforcing differences between men and women.”