Statement From ACAV (Australian Climbing Association)

Statement from ACAV (Australian Climbing Association) concerning climbing on sacred land.


25 OCTOBER 2019

Jackie Bernardi, ACAV Vice President:

“Victorian climbers are passionate about preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the Grampians.

“We are keen to work with Parks Victoria and the traditional owners to understand their concerns and work towards a long-term solution.”

Background Parks Victoria implemented a climbing ban at the beginning of 2019 in areas that are deemed to be environmentally significant, known as special protection areas. Hikers and other park user are permitted to access these areas and hike up the rocks and cliffs.

The ban was implemented without notice to climbers. Climbers have been seeking to work with Parks Victoria and understand and address their concerns.

Parks Victoria has worked with the local traditional owners to build a 100 km Grampians hiking trail that passes through environmentally and culturally significant areas. This provides a precedent for a collective process that can be applied to address the issues associated with climbing areas.