Okay, now I'm worried ...

An ABC survey has found that women worry much more than men ... which is worrying.

What do you worry about? What keeps you up at night?

For me, the list is long. I worry about the big stuff, like climate change and government inactivity on the problem. I worry about the growing divide between the wealthy and poor. I worry about a worldwide lack of empathy for those who need assistance.

But I also worry that one day I’m going to accidentally type ‘their’ instead of ‘there’ in a Facebook post and never be able to look anyone in the eye again.


I worry that if I don’t share my Bahn Mi with the pigeons in the park that they might starve.

But then I’m terrified that if I do, they might somehow pass on some horrible pigeon disease to me and I’ll die alone and screaming in a mass of feathers and white poo.

Death incarnate.

But mostly, I worry that I worry too much.

And now a recent survey done by the ABC has found that women tend to worry more than men. This worries me, because I’m a Cis Male. (And now I’m worried that people are going to freak out because I used the term ‘Cis Male’.) (Wait … am I using brackets correctly? Oh god…)

According to the survey, women worry more about almost all of the topics covered. They worry more about unemployment, education, crime and household debt. They worry more about petrol prices, public transport infrastructure, and healthcare.

That's the worst case of Public Transport Infrastructure I've ever seen!

Women also worry more about racism and the treatment of Indigenous people.

Perhaps not surprisingly, women worry significantly more about gender equality. 74% of women agreed that gender equality was a problem in Australia, while 56% of men agreed it wasn’t. Worrying stuff.

The only thing that men worried about more than women was a “loss of traditional values”. This worries me, largely because I have no idea what it means. And now I’m worried about worrying about it.

But, more importantly, I’m worried about this weird red mark on my arm. I think it’s some sort of pigeon infection. I’d better make a doctor’s appointment. But what if they can’t fit me in??

Stupid pigeon.