Help Support The Tourette Syndrome Association Of Australia

The Project For Tourettes Camp

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neuro developmental disorder characterised by repetitive involuntary movements (motor tics) and sounds (vocal or phonic tics). The condition affects 1 in 100 Australian kids and with no cure there is little respite out there for children and their families.

Tourette's Camp was established in 2013 by Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia (TSAA) and offers children and their families a chance to meet people like them, feel comfortable to be themselves and provide an enriched weekend of activities and fun.

In late September, The Project TV show attended our QLD camp and got to meet some of the amazing kids and parents that belong to the TSAA community. After the story went to air producers were inundated with messages of support and offers of assistance for the families they profiled.

To help support the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia Inc (TSAA) follow this link...