Perth Voted Friendliest City In Australia, Or Is It Fake News?

The results of some online poll are in, but do they actually mean anything?

You know when you see a headline declaring that one city is the most “liveable”, “tidiest”, or “exciting” city in Australia and you think “who decides that?” Well, the answer is: a bunch of randoms and Russian bots on social media, that’s who. These are made-up awards that are pitting us against each other and tearing us apart!

Image Credit: Tommy Wiseau,

The latest example of such fake news is the breaking story that Perth has been declared Australia’s friendliest city. Who declared it? The followers of a travel company called “Big 7 Travel”, who were asked by the company which city they reckon is the friendliest. So not only is just an opinion rather than a fact, but it’s the opinion of people who have made an active decision to “like” a travel company on facebook and/or instagram. Yuck.

Whoever thought Perth is a friendly city has obviously never been to Northbridge on a Saturday night and walked passed drunken men punching each other in the head before going through a metal detector and having your photo taken by security just so you can have a drink from a plastic cup to prevent you from glassing anyone. But what is even crazier is the other towns that have made this list: Townsville, Toowoomba, Logan City, and Newcastle just to name a few. All of these towns could equally top a list called “Most likely cities to have homophobic slurs shouted at you from a moving car”.

"Darren! Quick! Roll down the window I wanna yell something witty!!"

And at the end of the day, even if a city is the “friendliest city” that doesn’t mean much. Have you ever been to a CBD? Doesn’t matter where you go it’s always the same: cars honking at each other, businesspeople shoving past you, and surly teens in Stussy gear smoking durries at the bus stop. Having a "friendliest city" award is a bit like having a “best-smelling wheelie-bin” award. Even if your bin is number 1, you don’t wanna have a sniff.

The rotten prawns in there aren't winning over the judges

So next time you see a “friendliest”, “cheapest”, “most liveable”, or “most packed with buff dudes rockin’ sweet abs”-city award, remember to take those results with a grain of salt. All our cities and towns are a bit good, and a bit shit at the same time. Each city has its positives and we shouldn’t be in competition with each other. Let’s celebrate each city on its own merits and just say that they’re all ok. Except Canberra. That place sucks.