The Sack Is Back!

The humble goon bag is making a comeback - thanks to some big time wine producers filling them with top tipple!

There are only a handful of names that come to mind when talking about true genius. Da Vinci? Totally. Einstein? For sure. Me? Well … my mum thinks so. But there’s one name that is rarely mentioned – Thomas Angove. In 1965, this South Australian wine maker saw beyond the scope of us mere mortals and created a thing of true inspiration – wine in a bag. So great was his genius that he took it a step further – he then put that bag in a box.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the simple beauty of this – wine … in a bag … in a box.

Thomas Angove created the goon bag - the Russian Doll of affordable booze.

Since then, students and budget drinkers the land over have toasted his name. Without Mr. Angove we would not have that most Australian of backyard party games – Goon of Fortune. Bringing together two of this country’s greatest icons, this involves hanging a goon bag off a Hills hoist, then you spin, drink, and fall over. It could only be more iconically Australian if Kylie herself was clinging to the clothesline providing a counterbalance. (Take note Australia Day celebrations organisers!)

But in this age of smartphones, robot vacuum cleaners, and internet fridges, it would be silly to think that goon was immune to technological advancement. This advancement combined with some top wine producers decanting their drop into a cheeky bag means one thing – the sack is back … and it’s getting fancy!

Big time plonk makers like Giorgio De Maria Fun Wines, Jilly, and Le Grappin are all producing high quality wine in a bag (in a box). And these wines are flying off the shelves!

But are bag wines better for the environment? A 2016 study showed that wine in glass bottles produced almost triple the greenhouse gases per litre of cask wine. However, despite the upgraded technology in order to keep the wine fresh, goon bags need to be made from single-use plastic.

Personally, to keep them out of landfill, I’ve been recycling mine into clothing. My ‘goon bag jumpsuit’ is truly something to behold. Think of the Von Trapp children’s outfits – but shinier and a whole lot sweatier.

So with all of this in mind – to goon, or not to goon?