A Pair Of Penguins Become Interns For The Day

It’s the cutest thing in the world

New York based publishing company: Penguin Random House had two special visitors, a pair of African penguins named Lilly and Tetra.

Visiting from Maryland Zoo, the little tuxedo birds interned at the book publishers, got their own little desks and waddled around the building checking everything out. The only thing that would have made it cuter is if someone had sticky taped little briefcases to their flippers.

A behind the scenes video was also released just to put everyone at ease that Lilly and Tetra were not harmed during their internship. It also was interesting to find out that penguins make an adorable Chewbacca style growl noise.

The publisher is working with Maryland zoo, helping to protect the habitats of the little happy feets. Penguin Random House is also encouraging people to donate at