Statement from Sussan Ley - Environment Minister

A statement from the Environment Minister after today's climate rallies.

If the purpose of the protest is to draw my, or the government’s attention, to climate change than I can assure everyone that our attention, is already there.

We are taking real and coordinated global action on climate change, while ensuring our economy remains strong.

We are on track to overachieve on our 2020 target by 367 million tonnes and our $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package maps out to the last tonne how we will meet our 2030 target.

We are working closely with scientists to monitor, understand and plan for climate change and to identify ways that we can make our environment more resilient in the face of global climate challenges.

We are investing heavily in environment restoration programs, tackling waste, cleaning up our oceans and inland waterways, protecting our threatened species and, of course, supporting local Landcare activities.