The Non-Dairy Milk Wars Have Begun

Almond or Soy, who will be our milky monarch?

Like all other mammals, humans love milk. We love it so much that when breast is no longer best because mum wants to start wine tasting with the girls again, we pay a farmer who gets up at 5am and borrows it from other animals, like cows, goats, yaks and some snakes. Recently, some people have realised how truly weird that is, seeking milk from alternative sources meaning more and more people are drinking milk derived from plants. In fact, 7 per-cent of Australians have made to the choice to say no to the teat and yes to a plant-based treat.

Soymilk (or breakfast soy sauce as I like to call it) has been the popular alternative to animal milk for years, with its nutty flavour and ability to mimic dairy. It’s also given us the soy latte, a signature beverage of choice for your inner-city, forehead sign wearing, hipster beared businessmen (you know them). Most importantly it’s been the saving grace for the lactose intolerant and other sensitive tums who can’t take a joke.

Milk Man

Look at this guy, he Loves his Soy Lattes

But there’s been some new players in the faux dairy market… meet almond, oat, rice and rock milk. In the last 5 years almond milk has surged in popularity. As sighted by the Sydney Morning Herald research into consumer habits towards plant-based milks has stated that almond milk has gone from taking a less than 20 per-cent share of the non-dairy market to a mic dropping 50 per-cent in just five years. Meanwhile our old mate soy has been kicked to the curb, going from 70 per-cent to less than half. Rock milk has yet to get a share in the market.

So, if you worry about all the milk producers out there, fighting for there place in the milk market. Enjoy my all-inclusive milkshake recipe…

- 1 cup of Almond Milk - 1 cup of Soymilk - 1 cup of Oat milk - 1 cup of Condensed milk - 1 cup of Rock milk - 1 cup of Ice cream

Mix well and enjoy.