Hasbro Releases New Socialism Version Of Monopoly

It’s the version of the game no one asked for

Monopoly, the game that has caused millions of family fights through out history. It has stood the test of time since it’s creation as ‘The Landlord Game’ in 1903. It has also seen countless new versions, from the ‘Cheater’s Edition’ to the more recent ‘Stranger Things Edition’ – with fake blood included for nose bleeds (I assume). Well now there’s a brand-new edition and not everyone is happy about it.

The ‘Monopoly Socialism’ Edition has been released in the US and Twitter (as usual) had a few things to say. Tweeter Nick Kapur pointed out a few of the problems he had with the game.

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Nick was really hammering the dice based past time. But don’t worry Ted Cruz was ready to defend this board-game joke with his un-proofread tweet.

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It was a good use of Ted’s time, defending a 100-year-old board-game. New York City DSA was quick to point out that the original version of monopoly was made as a comment on capitalism.

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As usual the twitter debate raged on with no real end in sight. And as for the board game itself, it seems destined to be a joke in the form of a board-game that no one will ever actually play.