You’re Right, Watching Netflix With The Family Can Suck

In news which will surprise no one, a study created by research teams at Lancaster and Warwick University has determined that watching Netflix with your family can be infuriating.

The research teams looked at 29 UK households from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and found that your enjoyment of a program is affected by who you sit down with. If someone in your family is talking loudly, deleting episodes and criticising the show you are watching – hold onto your hats – it deeply affects your enjoyment of it.

Lead author Dr Helen Bruce, of Lancaster University Management School's Marketing Department, has a solution for those looking to make it work:  “Our research shows that families who work together to choose which TV packages (and elements thereof) to have within their home, who learn together how to use the ever-evolving technologies, who plan what and when they will watch together, and who meaningfully discuss their viewing experiences, will ultimately derive more value from their subscription.

“However, value can be destroyed where family members don't or can't master the various technologies, and where family members don't have equal ownership and control over the TV and its benefits.

“Perhaps more importantly for TV subscription companies trying to maintain a position within a household, value can be destroyed where the actions of one family member are detrimental to others. For instance, a person might disrupt family viewing by talking loudly, delete recorded shows that someone else wanted to watch, or make disparaging comments about another party's tastes in TV shows.”

So there you have it. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.