Single New York Gentleman Gets Strange Request After First Date

And I thought Asking to Meet My Parents on The First Date Was Weird

Eric was just another New York man looking for love. Like Carrie from Sex in the City, he was hitting the dating scene in the city that never sleeps and hoping that he’d find his mister big… in the big apple. Unfortunate his most recent date didn’t go so great and was worried he was going to get ghosted, but instead he got this text…


That’s right, his date wanted him to turn on ‘read receipts’, which for those who are not tech savvy; are the small notifications that let you know if some had read your text messages. Eric had decided to turn them off, so his friends and family wouldn’t get angry at him for having ‘seen’ a message and not responded within a millisecond. But now he has this guy, very VERY early in the relationship requesting that they know whenever he has seen a message.

It was a weird and creepy request, so Eric decided to share his little exchange on Twitter and get their sound advice, and the Tweet-folk told him to run for the hills.

Tweet 6

While other users had only one good reason to turn on read receipts.

And others suggested he should double down...

Tweet 4

The consensus was clear, it was a strange request and the perfect way to turn the heat right down on the passion pot of this relationship. So sadly, Eric’s quest for love continues, and hopefully this other guy learns about boundaries.