YouTuber Pranks Grandma To See If She’ll Notice Him Taped To The Ceiling

Should we scare the elderly? According to YouTube viewers, yes!

This YouTuber and Grandson is obviously not a believer that one can literally be scared to death, as he chose his Grandma to be the victim of his latest wacky prank.

YouTuber Sushi Ramen Riku has nearly 4.3 million followers and is known for making funny videos, several which feature his gullible yet adorable Grandma.

A video of Riku’s has gone viral where he set out to see how long it would take his Grandma to notice him if he camouflaged himself with ceiling.

arrested development hiding GIF

First Riku puts on a full white bodysuit, then paints his face white and finally straps himself to the white roof using white straps. With his Grandpa for an accomplice he then waits up above for his Grandma to spot his, honestly, not so camouflaged self. He does successfully pull off a look that could be described as, “a ghostly monster of your nightmares”.

Sushi Ramen/YouTube

Riku's Grandpa or "prank partner" makes the perfect distraction when his grandma first enters the room by sitting at the computer watching some of his previous videos.

Several minutes go by as Grandma potters about the room with Riku still going unnoticed. At one-point prank partner directs her to right beneath Riku by asking her to take his pancakes to the table. However, Grandma remains blissfully unaware as she stands right under him.

Granny leaves and Riku is stuck suspended for another 10 minutes before she eventually returns to clean up the room.

Fast forward a little more and finally Grandma senses something is not right and looks up to the shock of her grandson, who has now been stuck holding his position for almost a full hour.

She screams, running from the room yelling, “what is it?”

Once she calms down, listing to her grandson exclaim, ‘'It took too long for you to notice me!'’, she re-enters the room. Very cooly she is not mad at all; in fact, she asks for forgiveness at taking so long to notice him up there.

Grandma, I’m sure in exchange for the 6 million video views you’ve gotten him he will find a way to forgive you.