Is This Australia's Best Town?

It’s official! Australia has a Best Town – Yallingup, WA!

So, despair at the inadequate and, quite frankly, garbage assemblage roads and huts you call home because Australian Traveller magazine has crowned the south-west surf mecca our greatest.

No doubt calculated using an algorithm so complex it would make a super-computer pop its sprockets, Australian Traveller has crossed the nation, eaten the local delicacies and smiled politely as locals gestured enthusiastically at underwhelming attractions to come up with an intriguing Top 10.

And while comparing towns may seem like comparing apple-growing regions and orange-growing regions, Yallingup bested fellow Top 10 coastal colossuses like Byron Bay, Noosa and Broome. By all reports without breaking whatever a town uses for sweat.

Australian Traveller’s Top 10 towns:

  1. Yallingup, WA
  2. Byron Bay, NSW
  3. Alice Springs, NT
  4. Noosa, Qld
  5. Broome, WA
  6. Port Fairy, Vic
  7. Yamba, NSW
  8. Merricks, Vic
  9. Strahan, Tas
  10. Coffin Bay, SA

Located a three-hour drive south of Perth and with a population just tipping 1000, Yallingup is famous for its rugged beaches, nearby wineries and housing prices as steep and terrifying as it’s deadly shore break.

The magazine’s editorial director Leanne Pow said the seaside hamlet had a lot going for it.

“Yallingup is a lovely town, it still has that town feel,” she said.

“A lot of places are in danger of becoming over-developed, but it has a lovely feel to it… It ticks that beachy kind of laid-back vibe.”

The state by state breakdown of the Top 10 sees WA, NSW and Victoria bag two spots each while The NT, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania scored one apiece. The ACT had zero, which checks out.