Victoria Bitter Releasing Beer Flavoured Tea

Now we just need kebab flavoured Tim Tams

Cricket and beer; it’s a winning a combination. Watching players hit fours and sixes while sipping on a cold one, does life get any better?

But sometimes the gentleman’s game is on at times when you don’t want to drink a larger, like very late at night or very early in the morning. You’d prefer a warmer refreshment with a bit of caffeine, like a coffee or a tea.

Well thankfully Victoria Bitter has come to the rescue with VB flavoured tea. That’s right you can now enjoy your beer flavoured beverage without the sleep-inducing alcohol.

A combination of black tea leaves and VB’s ‘super pride hops’, the idea is that Aussie cricket fans can watch the ashes late Thursday to early Friday while enjoying a nice warm ale flavoured brew.

As Victoria Bitter brand director Chris Maxwell told the Herald Sun…

“We know Aussies love nothing more than watching the cricket with a VB in hand… So, when the boys are in England, they’ll be watching into the wee hours of the morning and need a cuppa.”

So; as you listen to the sound of leather on willow, enjoy a nice fresh mug of something nobody asked for; brewski flavoured brew.