Tom Long Opens Up On Life-Or-Death Battle With Blood Cancer

Aussie actor Tom Long was in the fight of his life, quickly running out of options to cure his worsening blood cancer.

In March, Long boarded a plane bound for Seattle in a last-ditch effort to cure his multiple myeloma -- a disease he'd battled tirelessly for seven years.  His last hope was a US medical trial, with doctors telling him he had just months to live.

Now the 50-year-old SeaChange star is back home, and shared his incredible story with  Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project.

(Image: The Sunday Project)

"I'd gone through a series of chemotherapy, I'd done, from my own blood, a stem cell transplant, I'd done another transplant from my sister's blood, and various other trial drugs, and there just wasn't anything left," he told The Sunday Project.

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A small, cutting-edge medical trial in Seattle proved the actor's final hope. Doctors would take Long's T-Cells and re-engineer them in a lab, supercharging them, and once back inside Long, those T-Cells would then hopefully seek out and kill the cancer.

(Image: The Sunday Project)

"I thought there's a big chance I won't come home, to Australia, to everything I know," he said.

But with his family by his side, Long set out to start his last bid at treatment.

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When his family watched the T-Cells being transferred into Long, they knew everything they hoped and prayed for was riding on the contents of the "gold fluid" -- it was an emotional moment.

As was the moment Long received the phone call from trial doctor Damian Green, who finally let him know late last month whether the treatment had had any effect.

"It's been a long road," he said of the momentous call -- a turning point in his incredible journey.

(Image: The Sunday Project)

Catch the full interview with Tom Long on The Sunday Project on Channel 10 tonight at 6.30pm.