Kim Jong-un Takes Cash From Citizens To Keep Father And Grandfather Embalmed

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly awards citizens who have shown their loyalty with certificates.

The human body – when it’s done with being alive, it just wants to turn to compost. But North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un is reportedly trying to do something about the pesky cost of keeping his father and grandfather in their natural, eternally relaxed as a corpse-on-show state in the Palace of the Sun mausoleum.

Fun fact: keeping someone embalmed is quite expensive. In North Korea, it costs $570,000 a year to keep former supreme leaders Kim Jong-il, and Kim Il-sung looking their best.

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So how does a dictator keep the costs down? You “ask” your citizens of course! After all, everyone gets to benefit from seeing the embalmed remains of previous leaders, so everyone should chip in. Right? RIGHT. Fun day out.


According to a source who spoke to Radio Free Asia, a non-profit broadcasting corporation:

“They gave the certificates to party members and workers who donated money to show their loyalty. It will be used to help with the upkeep of the Palace of the Sun.”

Understandably not everyone’s happy about it.

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“Some people think it is ridiculous how the authorities are ignoring their livelihoods while trying to raise money to keep dead bodies from rotting,” said the source.

Which would be a very understandable viewpoint for the 40 percent of North Koreans who are currently undernourished, and are now having to donate money to keep previous dictators seem alive even though they are extremely dead.

Dictators -- can’t live with them, absolutely can live without them.