Sydney Daredevil Wants To Swim Across The Harbour To Work

A Sydney man – nay, daredevil – got the idea when he missed the ferry one night.

Ever since Peter Dunne saw his ferry chug away without him on it, he has had a bee in his bonnet.

"The idea came when I realised I wasn't going to make the ferry home, and I looked across and could see where I needed to be and thought, I could be home in 20 minutes if I just swam," he told the ABC.

And like many seals and cigarette butts before him, the harbour is there for the taking. He’s got the route all planned out: he’ll leave his Cremorne Point home, whack his belongings into a waterproof bag, and swim to Mr Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens, shake off the micro-plastics and wander to work (don’t worry, he works as a swim teacher so yes, he’s a very good swimmer and most importantly, yes, he has access to showers lest the harbour rash sink in). I’ve outlined the route using Google Maps and Paint’s finest arrows:

The proposed route.

It’s technically not illegal to swim in the harbour, but you don’t really see anyone out there because common sense generally kicks in.

But how long would it take? Well the men’s Olympic world record for a 1.5 kilometre swim in a pool is 14:31.02, so whilst he’s probably not hitting that kind of number it might be a better way to start the day, saving money on public transport and getting a bit of exercise in to boot. It all depends on how many ferries/visiting warships he has to avoid on the way.

Speaking to the ABC on the issue of ferry avoidance, Mr Dunne has acknowledged what an inconvenience he could create:

"I would never, ever want to disrupt those operating ships or ferries ... their job is hard enough as it is without some idiot in the water. I would really hate to waste someone's time, so that's what stops me."

Swim on, Peter. Swim on.